Brand Name Records was founded by Zak Levenstein and Mike McShane in January 2020. Each having a background in live music venue management, operations and production, Zak and Mike decided to pool their talents together to create Long Island's "very best independent specific Hip-Hop record label". Brand Name Records specializes in artist management, consulting, and production services. Below is a full list of our offered services.

  • Artist Management Services 

  • Accounting/Finance Management

  • Studio Sessions

  • Mixing/Mastering

  • Photography and Music Videos

  • Animation/ Graphic Design

  • Pre-Made Beats 

  • Performance Opportunities

  • Music Distribution 

  • Interviews/ Interview Production

  • Social Media/ Marketing Strategy Plans

  • Press Kits

  • Merchandise Design, Production and Distribution

  • Licenses, Trademarks and Copyrights

 "Our goal is to foster a community of artists that have turned passion and commitment to excellence and success."

© 2020 Brand Name Records LLC

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