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Brand Name Records was founded by Zak Levenstein, Mike McShane, and Josh Levenstein to serve the needs of Long Island's hip hop community. BNR specializes in music video production, music management, consulting, and production services. Our practices are what seperate us from the rest; we pride ourselves on our ability to bring an artist's visions to life while ensuring they maintain control of their intellectual property. Below is a full list of our offered services.


  • Music Management, Consulting and Production Services 

  • Accounting/Finance Management

  • Studio Sessions

  • Mixing/Mastering

  • Photography and Music Videos

  • Animation/ Graphic Design

  • Pre-Made Beats 

  • Performance Opportunities

  • Music Distribution 

  • Interviews/ Interview Production

  • Social Media/ Marketing Strategy Plans

  • Press Kits/EPK

  • Merchandise Design, Production and Distribution

  • Licenses, Trademarks and Copyrights

 "Our goal is to foster a community of artists that have turned passion and commitment to excellence and success."


  • 4K Live-Action Music Videos

  • Animated Music Videos

  • Full pre-production, prodcution and post production  services 

    • Conceptulizing/ Script Writing

    • Directing, Cinematography, Audio, Lighting

    • Day of Shoot Logistics

    • Editing, color-correcting, basic visual effects 

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